Bob Beck Legacy

Bob Beck’s Legacy

Our purpose is to spread the word, throughout the world, about the easy-to-use systems for health developed by Bob Beck. His legacy has become known as the Bob Beck Protocol. He is also known for his Brain Tuner. As a physicist, Bob Beck often applied his genius to investigate, invent, and then inform us about technologies that were ignored or suppressed by mainstream research and mainstream media.

Bob Beck’s Contributions

Bob Beck’s interests, the depth of his knowledge on so many subjects, and his prodigious intellect, truly made Bob a renaissance man. Technology, photography and metaphysics were some of his life-long passions. In the field of photography, he is best known for his invention of the photo flash—an invention that revolutionized photography. Bob also developed special lighting effects for the movie industry. Bob Beck’s contributions to technology range from patented inventions when he was a flight test engineer, to portable magnetometer equipment that measured subtle energies circling the earth, to his several contributions to health that include miniaturized biofeedback equipment, his Brain Tuner and the Beck Protocol instruments. His desire to understand consciousness led him to pursue metaphysical subjects shunned by mainstream science such as UFOs and subtle energies.

Bob Beck as a Speaker

Bob Beck spoke at scientific symposiums that attracted researchers interested in alternative viewpoints. He also took his message directly to the people by lecturing at health conferences that attracted individuals interested in natural health. Bob Beck was interviewed by newspapers and by leading-edge radio programs that sought him out for his eloquence, deep resonant voice, and ability to share his wealth of information in a way that was readily understood … information that mainstream media shun.

Bob Beck Continues

Robert C. Beck, DSc passed
away in a hospital in California, as a result of complications after injuries from a fall, on Sunday June 23, 2002. Since that time, news of his health program known as the Beck Protocol and his Brain Tuner have been spread by word-of-mouth and video lectures posted on the web. The wealth of information reflects the generosity and heart of Bob Beck and allows individuals around the world to learn about ways to better health using the Bob Beck Protocol and
his Brain Tuner.

Friends of Bob Beck

We are a group of individuals who knew Bob Beck and understand the value of his technologies to the health of humanity. We have been entrusted to care for his personal effects and we use the Beck Protocol units and the Brain Tuner for our personal health. We have pooled our skills and talents to create to share the life, the times, and the significant contributions of Bob Beck.

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